Dear Readers,

It’s us (Gwen Aloix & Mery Haramori) once again here for show you the SL #TopTrends in events, stores , designers and everything else releated with fashion.

We have choosen a Bohemian Street Style theme to create these looks which we hope you enjoy and gets you inspired. First of all, we would really like to talk about how much has Nova Faerye from Little Bones improved her skills from the very beggining. We feel pretty in love with her unique hairstyles which are kinda original and geneous for our pocket!.

There’s also this event called N21 which is totally amazing & the fact that you can puchase the stuff once it’s up to sale there for a month , brings to us , the residents, the opportunity to adquire 100% original High Quality products and which anybody will be able to purchase after the round is over, so it’s kinda catchy for us in that way.

Oh and almost forgot the most important part! – Let’s talk about this New totally flawless and rebel store called Third Eye by Ekilem Melodie and Anya McConach, their unique originality about rebel women style , probably got into the #TopFavoriteStores lists for me (Mery).

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Gwen

Scarf – Gizza – Leather Jacket with Scraf
Body chain – Illmatic – Orion Goddess Bodychain
Dress – Third Eye – That Bass Turtleneck Dress  NEW
Shoes – Reign – Fett Plats @ N21
Clutch – Meisu – Gatsby Clutch
Hair – Moon – Mourning Sickness
On Mery
Hair: Little Bones – Cat Burgler @N21
Top: Third Eye – Houndstooth (NEW)
Leggings: Spirit – Welosa Leggings New
Shoes: Ison – Pointy creepers (old C88)
Septum: Swallow – Septum Ring
Necklace: LaGyo – Mariel
Bangle: LaGyo – Morgan
Clutch: Swallow – Apocalypse


Dear Reader,

We are back! *grins*. After over a year without posting together , without working on looks and sharing our thoughts about them together , we decided to join back for blog.

We have discovered out this new little store called Mithral which got us really in love. The quality and style of the owner ,Evadne Quintessa, goes a lot with us. Couldn’t resist blogging these two cuties that gives us the ‘‘Daily Casual Chic” look, which is totally what we wanted but not only that, this store’s hairstyles goes with any look you would like to wear since they are so trendy,fresh and of course, fashionably.

We haven’t had any concrete theme for this photo. We are just a lot into furs and dark colors right now. However, we feel pretty in love with some prints right now,  Houndstooth is one of our favest to be honest since it looks so trendy and casual at the same time.

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Gwen

Hair – Mithral – Alloy

Necklace – (Kunglers)  Neptune necklace – golden TDR fusion
Sweater – ISON – cinched sweater (magenta) Uber
Skirt – ISON – metallic lace skirt (magenta) Uber
Bag – Rowne.Dita Leather Clutch – Gold
Shoes – Pure Poison – Anika Sandals – Black – for SLINK Medium
Coat – (Milk Motion) fauxfur jacket – XXS/XS – skirt – black
On Mery
Hair – Mithral – Lead
Dress – Spirit – Mili dress
Earring – MG – Valencia cross @ FaMeshed
Necklace – LaGyo – Hamsa Necklace
Clutch –  Mon Tissu – Envelope clutch
Boots – ISON – cult riding boots


Dear Readers,

”Fashion is not a hobby, it’s a great definition of yourself..” – M&G.

 Mainly, happy new year to everyone. Been a Great Christmas for us, in fact, we enjoyed a lot with the company of our family, we hope you too. As you know, we are always busy,  and therefore we don’t post daily (which we would love to), but nonetheless, we always bring a small gap to our schedules and we show you the magnificent new clothes that designers of this other world has bring us.

This month is being a great month full of great events as it is collabor88 or Seasons Story. These looks were based on a base color like black and then have been adding a striking color to give a great contrast.  As you can see, there are two completely different but like looks at the same time. On the left, we can see Gwen wearing a warm but short dress and high platform shoes with socks, which gives us an understanding that it’s a hot day but still winter. In the other side, we can see Mery wearing a long dress and a warm coat , even a scarf which gives us the impresion she’s cold, but we also can see that she’s wearing a pair of sandals, which means it’s also a bit hot.

This winter, we see that even, as in the summer, there are a lot of maxi skirts and dresses. We can also see that the vintage eyeliners are being seen this season.

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Gwen:

Hair: LeLutka – NEU hair (new)

Earring: Miss LT – A lion earring

Dress: Zenith – Kint Turtleneck Dress

Shoes: Renegade – Nola Platform Wedges (new)

Bag: Le Primitif – Cat Clutch

Hat: Toro – Black Feline beret

On Mery:

Dress: Maitreya – vintage Lace Gown (collabor88)

Hair: ISON -Amber (collabor88)

Coat: Emery – Coat Jhon (Fameshed)

shoes: Steffen Garcia – Eleganza

Bag: Fashionably Dead – Girly Satchel (Collabor88)

Scarf: Fashionably Dead – Fuzzy Wrap (Collabor88)



Dear Readers,

”We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.” – M&G.

 Here we are back! – This week been the busiest week of my life (Mery), this post was scheduled to be released on weekend with another one but the final exams were this week as several people already know and have seen I have been disconnected from this world during the past two weeks. But I guess I’m back tomorrow because I take Christmas holiday. So sorry for the delay!.

For these two winter looks, we have based creating a black base color and have been contrasting colors until combine both looks, such as red and beige. Everyone should go to the collabor88 event! honestly this month is still one of my favorites, as you all know I love winter and stuff. As you can see these are very street looks. On the left (Gwen) uses a very casual look but which become very chic and a little pin up with just add that fur coat and the band with a bow on her head. In contrast to the right (Mery) we can see a very simple look, but we’ve become very wintry and pretty for a rainy day with these boots and long coat. the chic part of the look is a braid that surrounds the head, which does look somewhat sweet and elegant at the same time.

These looks were created for a hard day of rain but which can paint your way as you can see. This time i will leave you a song , the song i got inspired with for the looks. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYSVMgRr6pw )

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Gwen

Hair: Clawtooth – Snuggle Party (Collabor88)

Bag: Milk Motion – lambskin tote bag

Coat: ryvolter – Devon Rabbit Fur Coat (new)

T-shirt: SOVI3T – AZTGold tank

Skirt: ryvolter – Irina Flare Mini (new)

Boots: G Field – Long Cuff Boots “Will”

Collar: LaGyo_Mariel tri-necklace (ArcadeDecember’13)

On Mery

Hair: Nylon Outfitters – Halo Braid (Collabor88)

Skirt: House of Fox – Leather Panel Skirt

Coat: Tres Blah – Oversized Coat (Collabor88)

Socks: Izzie’s – Knee Socks

Boots: FD – Bbaggy Boots (Collabor88)

Clutch: Ison – Folded Leather Clutch

Scarf: FD – Cozy Scarf (Collabor88)



Dear Readers,

”Fashion goes out of fashion, style, ever.” – M&G.

It’s been a while!… Well, practically many thanks to all our sponsors for the patience they have had to wait for our next posts. We must say that this last week and almost half of the above, we have had one hundred percent occupied at two. We had plenty to do in our private lives, and sorry we could not post all  the objects from fall that we  would have liked to have posted. Anyway, I have to say that we’re back and we’ve been working hard on 3 looks that will be posted throughout the weekend break, here I leave one of them:

Winter is already here!. I truly believe that winter is the best season of the year, cold, warm clothes, coats with sheep, wool hats with pompoms, boots, is the season where more creative you can be and where you can express all your tastes, show people your true style. I am a lover of the cold, I love my warm cloths plagued by street and have people comment on it.

As you can see, here we bring two totally different winter looks on the left (Gwen) we see a winter but sexy look and not so warm, wearing a skirt with front opening peak, which belongs to the new collecion of vive nine and which we will discuss with more detail our next posts, to combine, employed a very classic and sophisticated summer top near sandals with heels, but you will wonder .. Is that a winter look? to give the sense , we have used animal fur coat which surrounds the body, is an elegant and sophisticated coat which can take a single day street or in a gala evening. on the right (Mery) we have used a very wintry look, as we can see. Actually, if you think about it, is a street look completely, which can take day, evening or night. To take the wintry feel, we used the whole vest with hat and bag, which we are in love with from Milk Motion @ collabor88. The espresso is detail that gives to the look, a look where you can see and feel that the person is warm.

This winter, is really going to take a lot of contrasts between black and white, and too many clothes with leather and wool are going to be an unanimous trend. Also we will be able to see many clothes, which consist of sheep or animal fur, which will probably be composed of black, beige, or brown.

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Gwen:
Top: Overhigh – Classic Shirt

Skirt: Ryvolter – Liane Leather Pencil Skirt (new)

Shoes: League – Vintage T-Bar Pumps (Shoetopia’13)

Clutch: Le Primitif – Studded Clutch

Coat: Ryvolter – Uma Fox Fur Cape (new)

Hat: XIAJ –  Zane Winter Hat

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Silverblade Hair (collabor88)

On Mery:

Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 44 (collabor88)

Sweater: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh – Wool Turtle Neck (collabor88)

Leggings: Maitreya – Panel Leggings (collabor88)

Vest/Hat/Bag: Milk Motion – Faux Fur (collabor88)

Boots: Maitreya – Alexa Wedges

Necklace:   LaGyo – Mariel tri-necklace (arcadeDecember)



Dear Readers,

”Fashion always dies, but the tendency of who follows it, remains intact until the last day.” – M&G.

 Mainly, we wanted to ask you a huge apology to all, because this week has not been an easy week and we haven’t had time to post with frequency. We were supposed to make a Shoetopia favorite shoes post too in this post , but we have had a problem saving the photo and we lost it, that is why you must wait for the next post to see and enjoy it.

As you can see, it is still fall and we have chose those dark and neutral tones such as browns and beige are. We have contrasted these tones with maroon or oxblood, or if you want a touch more severe but still to be fashionable, we usually use the black, and you know that black always approve and match the other colors. We are a lot into dark mattle lipsticks like a black or burgundy/brownish or if it’s a light one, we like it to be beige or pale toned and of course mattle too. I will give advice to all women of sl – rl: if you are going to use a lipstick a little daring, example; color like red, burgundy, or black, just devote themselves to your lips and eyes work less. I mean, if you use a red lipstick, it is more convenient to use a little mascara and would be more than enough, using a lighter Lipcolor like beige or pink, you would have to work more the eye make up.

These looks were created for any occasion of the day and at any time, as you can see, they are all very simple, but you ought to set well how accesories and more can give a full twist to the look.

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Gwen:

Dress:  ryvolter :. Turtleneck Tunic – Oxblood

Bag:  .Renegade. Flask Purse.

hair:  [taketomi]_Rika_Dessin

Booties:  ISON – two tone wedge (Shoetopia’13)

Collar:  maxi gossamer – Kalistar Collar

Jacket:  erratic – Laney Tweed Jacket

On Mery :

Top:  vive nine – Nicola Turtleneck Crop

Hair:  Exile – Erase and Rewind

Hat:  LaGyo – Morgana hat

Necklace:  Glow  – Briolette Long Necklace (TDR)

Jeans:  CoCo – Skinny Jeans (GIFT)

Bag:  F.D – Heart Purse

Tied Jacket:  CoCo – Shirt Tied Around Waist

Shoes:  ISON – metal plate bootie (Shoetopia’13)



Dear Readers,

”Thank you wholeheartedly to everyone who visited, commented, and enjoyed the previous post. We were surprised by the good reviews that this had.” – M&G.

Here we are again, full of potential and good products of events that this world allows. First and foremost, you can not miss the following posts dedicated especially to Shoetopia event, which began on 15th November. This one has been a mix of collabor88 and The Dressing Room.

For this post, we opted for neutral tones as well is beige and such as dark brown or black. We got really in love with the Lamb hairstyles for collabor88 and the vive nine aka Ryvolter boots which are available at Shoetopia. More to come and SLurl the next posts.

This post was created for a long fall night full of lust and elegance, but simply by changing a few things in the look, you can turn it into something very street and fashion at the same time.

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Mery:

Hair: lamb – Stay Don’t Go (collabor88)

Top: Steffen Garcia – Blair

Skirt: Tres Blah – studded skirt (collabor88)

socks: Ison – Black Lleather Thigh highs

Collar: Swallow – chic collar

Shoes: Kunglers – #026 pumps (TDR)

Ring: House of Fox – Triangle Ring

On Gwen:

Hair – Elikatira – Jennie

Top and Skirt – Ison ( leather shape corset , side ruffle skirt ) // (collabor88)

Jacket – ARISKEA – Cariole mesh Jacket

Necklace – LaGyo_Velvet charm necklace (TDR)

Earrings – maxi gossamer – Kalistar earrings

Clutch – h.m.a.e.m. – the cage clutch

Cigar – MONS – Cigar

Boots – .ryvolter – Maja Shark Boot (Shoetopia 2013)


Dear Readers,

”Mainly, thanks everyone for letting a visit and enjoy looking fashion information about Second Life in this blog.” – M&G.

Gwen and I – ‘re good friends and we both always been interested in fashion a lot, go to the last, accessories and so on – we decided to create and open a new blog of the hundreds that exist in Second Life. This blog is distinguished by its unique looks, and good and high quality of photography thanks to Gwen.

Several months ago I (Mery) planned with the creation of a new fashion blog, but I never had time as I was and still am very busy with real life University. I proposed to Gwen the creation of this blog, with the idea of having fun together and merge our styles, because we do understand the each other particularly great in that sense.

These looks, been inspired by an autumn day a little hot, here, we can show some of the colors that take a lot this fall / winter, such as: khaki and maroon. Over knee Socks/ Ripped stockings will be very noticeable the rest of the year and part of next along with beanies, style of hat usually made ​​of wool to warm your ears in cold days.Also you can’t get lost thick heeled shoes, or those with a peak toe like these Mery’s look on the left, which will be exposed in the event Shoetopia coming soon.

We don’t follow a particular fashion style, but we’re open to all. There are types and hundreds of thousands of things we do not like, so no one can force us to post something that is not to our liking or our style. There is no offense, we accept all kinds of clothing or objects that sponsors give in to us, but we do not promise to post all if not to our liking.

We hope you enjoy the most of this blog almost as much as we do ourselves,

a greeting from the two X


On Mery :

Top : Pumpkin – Ripped top gradient

Scarf : BoHo HoBo – Scarf Ladie’s

Skirt  Color.Me.H.O.F  –  Leather Panel Skirt

Parka (coat) : Villena  – Parka khaki

Socks : Izzie’s – Overknee Socks

Shoes : Steffen Garcia  –  Soyeux (Shoetopia) soon

Earrings :  Judas – Chanel 1980 Cicra

Hat : TSAD – Minnie Beanie

On Gwen:

Hair : Lamb -Paper Tiger

Sweater : Color.Me.H.O.F – Leather Sleeve Pullover (collabor88)

Skirt : Gizza – Tartan Mini Skirt

Bag : Tableau Vivant – Backpack  (the arcade)

Boots : Erratic – Selene boots (Collabor88)

Tights : Izzie’s – Tights torn

Collar : Maxi Gossamer – Kalistar Collar (Collabor88)

Squirrel  : Ohmai – Steampunk Squirrel (Collabor88)